Discovery Health checks @ Chalford Wealth

Chalford Wealth will be hosting a Discovery Wellness day at our new office, which is available to every Discovery Health member and all their dependents. The screening includes Blood pressure, BMI, Cholesterol, Glucose and HIV testing. All results will be kept confidential which will be sent via the Silverglades Pharmacy directly to Discovery. The benefit of doing the health screening annually, is to be able to control any health issues at an early stage. Vitality members can score up to 12000 Vitality Points.

Having these health care screening benefits done, does not affect your Day-To-Day benefits as these costs are paid from your hospital benefit.

The Nursing sister from Silverglades Pharmacy will be in our offices from 8:30 until 3 pm on Friday 11 march.

Please email or call us to book a time slot.  All Discovery members are invited, so bring friends.

021 782 7479Chalford Wealth Vitality Health Checks