Car finance calculator and Tips to help you save

Here is a great way to have a quick look at how much interest you will pay and what your monthly instalments would be if you bought a car.

Click on the LINK  and let it do the calculating.

Car finance – Tips to help you save

The excitement of getting a new car can often lead one to make rash decisions when deciding on the various options for car finance. Making the wrong finance decisions up front can have a huge financial impact down the line. We’ve put together a list of helpful tips to help you optimize your motor finance deal.

Choose your car carefully

The biggest decision to influence what you pay each month is the type of car you will be driving! Used cars are often a much more affordable option as the previous owner has taken the hit on depreciation over the first couple of years. The cheaper the car, the lower the monthly car finance premiums will be.

Put down a bigger deposit on your car

With interest rates high putting down a good deposit on your car will make a big difference to your monthly car finance payment. The larger the initial deposit on your car, the lower the monthly finance premiums will be.

Pay as much as you can afford on monthly premiums

Car finance can be organized for anything from 12 months to 5 years. The lower the period you choose, the more your monthly payment. Be careful however to compare your total payment over duration of the deal for different payment periods. Paying your car off quickly will dramatically reduce your total finance spend.

Shop around for better quotes

Car finance quotes may differ from finance house to finance house. You may get a better interest rate on your finance if you are willing to shop around.

Look out for extras in your car finance agreement

Vehicle finance deals often include a host of other products. Make sure the finance consultant fully explains what you’re getting in your finance deal and what each item costs.

Ask about penalties in your agreement

Pay careful attention to the terms of the loan. Make sure there are no penalties for paying your used car loan off early.