Discovery Health updates for 2016

Health Update

We are nearing the end of the 2015 and that means it’s an important time of the year to reasses your health needs and choose the perfect medical plan for 2016.  If you are wanting to change plans and need to find out which plan would suit your health position the best, contact us for advice aswell as the advantages and disadvantages of your decision. Please note changes must be made before 15 December 2015.

Smart Plan

Discovery Health have launched a new plan – The Smart Plan.
This is geared to the younger generation of medical aid member not to say the older wiser generation cannot give this plan a try.
Please note: You HAVE to have a smart phone to benefit from this plan.

Vitality 2016

The Vitality benefit is always enhancing itself.

Below are the details on:
1) The Latest Discovery App
2) Active Rewards
3) Vitality Gym Benefits
4) The Changes in points allocation for 2016

1)  The Latest Discovery App
Download the latest Discovery App to access all 2016 Vitality benefits. The Discovery Client App is a free personalised tool to keep you up to date with all your Discovery products. It is a simple and convenient way to access all your information on Discovery Health, Vitality, life, Insure, Invest and Credit card. The app is free to download and supports Apple and Android Devices. You will use the same username and password for this app as for the Discovery website.
2) Active Rewards
Vitality member rewards include selected drinks at Kauai, or any drink on the delicious Vida e caffè menu. (Please note that this excludes Vida e caffè stores located at airports and Shell garages, as well as some Kauai stores). See images below on how to earn and claim your vouchers.
3) Boost Vitality Gym Benefit

  • Gym benefit 2016 activation fee will be R1 450
  • Benefit discount will be 75% (Decreased from 80% in 2015)
  • Additional cashback of 25% (total 100% free gym benefit) Dependent on meeting weekly goals.
  • Discount paid back into your bank account.
Member must be on the highest discount (75% to qualify for the rewards)
4) Change in Points allocation

  • 100 points per gym visit down form (150)
  • Up to 3000 points per activity
  • All other changes below
Have a Blessed Healthy Christmas and New Year!
The Chalford Wealth Team