How much will I pay to Join Virgin Active with Discover Vitality

If you are a member of the Discovery Vitality Program you can join the Virgin Active gym at discounted rates. You will pay R129 per month which (80% discount off R654) with a once off joining fee of R1355. Your spouse receives the same discount and if you have children (V club) they would pay R84.50 per month (half price), plus once off R130 card fee.  The new Sun Valley Virgin Active gym opens its doors on 28 November 2015.
Price Breakdown:

R1355 once off joining fee

R129 Principal member and or spouse

R84.50 Kids V Club (0 – 7 years) (R130 once off card fee)

R90 to workout in the gym  (7 – 13 years)

R181 to workout in the gym (14 – 17 years)

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