Susan McCready has recently joined the Chalford Wealth Team as a Tax consultant. She has many years experience as a Tax consultant working at KPMG for ten years as a Senior Manager in the Tax Department.

Susy is a seperate entity working from the Chalford Wealth offices, her fees are as follows:

Contact Susy – 021 782 7479 or email her on

Pricing Structure is as follows:

Susy McCready CA(SA) Tax Practitioner operating independently at Chalford Wealth

Tax Assistance and Advice to Individuals – 2015

Service What this entails Fee
Annual tax return services A review of the information you provide, compilation of your income tax calculation and preparation of your income tax return. Routine submission of your supporting documentation if SARS audits your assessment. Submission of your first provisional income tax return if it is fairly uncomplicated and routine or a nil balance. R750 (2016: R800)
Consultation with you First time taking you on and advice provided regarding you and the South African tax system in a meeting with you and/or in emails. R500
Complex tax calculation Complex or time-consuming tax. Provision of non-standard advice on a particular issue usually via email/s and/or telephonically. Preparation of a time-consuming, complicated or non-routine provisional tax calculation. R500 (Per hour)
Income tax registration First time income tax registration with SARS requires a face-to-face meeting with SARS attended by the prospective taxpayer. As a tax practitioner, I can set up a tax practitioner meeting, and I am required to attend with you at such a meeting at the Lower Long Street, Cape Town branch office. Completion of the IT77 form with your details for submission to SARS with the requisite supporting documentation. R500
E-filing verification SARS requires the submission of physical verification documents if you are new on e-filing or being registered for provisional tax for the first time on e-filing. This requires me to set up and attend a tax practitioner appointment at the Lower Long Street, Cape Town branch office of SARS where I can hand in the verification documents personally on your behalf. R500
Second provisional income tax return Timeous request made by me for your provisional income tax information and one follow-up with you, if necessary. Preparation of your taxable income estimate for the tax year. Discussion with you, amendment and finalising your income estimate. Advise you of the amount to pay, reference number, and by when. Preparation of the IRP6 and submission on E-filing by the due date. R200