Yoga for your financial plan

Whether or not yoga is your thing, you’re probably familiar with it. The practice of yoga has become popular enough that most people know what it is, but I bet you didn’t ever associate it with financial planning. Here are some core principles of yoga that relate to a disciplined financial plan: Balance Is central...Continue reading

Save or Service Debt?

Saving is important, but if you have a credit card debt or an overdraft to pay off does it still make sense to save? It is always a good idea to be saving IF you are in a position to put some money away. Due to the accessibility and convenience, credit card and overdraft facilities,...Continue reading

Common financial mistakes in your thirties

Saving in your thirties becomes increasingly difficult as your financial responsibilities increase. However, sound financial decisions during this phase of life can have profound benefits at a later stage. Here are some common financial mistakes to avoid: The first is failing to draw up a budget. A proper budget is the starting point of all...Continue reading


With festive season celebrations now a distant memory and all of the leftovers hopefully eaten, something still remains for the majority of South Africans – a looming credit card debt! It doesn’t have to linger for long but getting out of credit card debt requires a realistic goal and a firm resolve. You will have...Continue reading


Having an impaired credit record is an affliction suffered by almost half of the 21 million consumers in South Africa. This ranges from consumers with defaults, judgements, administration orders and consumers who were three months or more in arrears with account payments. Recently, between 1 April and 31 May 2014, the South African government implemented...

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